Candy Bezels

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There was so much variability within the phenos we hunted. One commonality, however, is incredible bag appeal. Most selections had beautiful dark purple bud with tight calyxes dotted with soft orange hairs and incredible trichome density. This cultivar combines the alluring fruity notes of Apples & Bananas with the candy gas profile from Jokerz. Some selections we saw also carried more floral and creamy notes while almost all still retained some gas from the Jokerz. This cultivar is typically fast-flowering - mostly finishing in 8 weeks with other phenotypes finishing in 9 weeks. Expect high yields without sacrificing flower quality.

Agronomic Traits

Potency: 23-27%
Flower Time: 8-9 Weeks
Terpene Profile:
GAS/EARTH - Fuel, Earth, Herbal